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Creative Visuals.

We offer creative solutions to companies through branding, print, video, production and a whole lot more, thus helping them grow!


Brand Identity

Starting a new business can be challenging, especially when it comes to establishing a brand identity. That's where Grow Edge comes in. We use a combination of strategy, visual, and verbal elements to create a unique and memorable brand identity that sets our clients apart from their competitors. With our experience and expertise, we help businesses develop a strong brand identity that reinforces their brand and strengthens their overall business.

Post Production Animation

Once the film/video is shot and production is wrapped, you can finally relax. Just kidding. It’s Post-Production time. Here’s where the real magic happens, this process involves a slew of professionals — editors, sound engineers, foley artists, colorists, and more.

Starting with picture editing to adding crazy transitions and animations. team strives to create compelling and effective videos. Built with the experience of our editors digital artists, writers and animators who know how to get the job done, keeping in mind the budget.

Logo Animation

Companies establish a lasting visual impact on their target audience with an animated logo. When the logo is animated it brings out the unique image of the organization.

Logo animations can be used in events, seminars, exhibitions, launches, large display screens on hoardings or malls. The logo animation should go hand in hand with your brand so as to communicate your image and values persuasively. Understanding the thought process and idea behind the logo and producing the animation accordingly needs skill, expertise and deep comprehension of branding.

Motion Graphics/ Motion posters

We have a bunch of crazy animators, creative explorers – addicted to inspiration, motion and beautiful designs. We love and live for conceptualizing and producing exceptional animations and art.

Move out of the boring slide shows and experience the world of animation, Where we bring a whole different side of creative marketing. We call it a simple way to explain complicated things.

An extraordinarily talented in-house team of visual artists and designers ready to bring your story to life with bespoke illustrations, animations, and infographics.


Social Media

Grow your audience on different social media channels. We take care of A to Z planning, execution, and optimization of custom-made social media strategy for you. Social media is a hungry beast and you will need to feed it content consistently. Keeping it consistent and getting you the right kind of content is exactly where we got you covered. Our campaign managers will make sure of it.

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